Chris Cofoni's Free Music Page!!!
I am of the belief that music should be shared so I have posted roughly 35 songs of the 55 I have written and recorded in my lifetime.  I have about 10 more to record and many of these are very rough and/or outdated in nature.  I am hopeful people will enjoy the music and perhaps someone will record their own version of my songs. That being said everyone should make an effort to see artists live and support their favorite artists through buying merchandise and downloading legally!  Without money the industry will continue to die and new music will be dictated by labels and big business.

"Don't Let The Television Steal Your Brain"


The Following 9 tracks are in sequence and represent 2 years of being in and out of the studio between 2008-2010 with Kirk Yano.  These tracks were recorded with a ton of great musicians including Rob Arthur, Richard Mercurio, Andrew Smiley, Ethan Insel, Fuzz, Carrie Sangiovanni, Ryan Parrino, and Kirk played on a few tracks also.  Finally mastered in 2011 by Gene Paul.


It is based on my own experiences, relationships, divorce and the basic numbing of all emotions brought about by our over stimulation through various media outlets, namely TV.

"Born Backwards"

This album was worked on from 1999-2001 and was written while still going to school at The University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music.  I recorded this album with various musicians and wrote the songs starting in 1997 and finishing in 2000.  It was also mastered by Gene Paul and represents my first tru professional recording of original music.  Thanks to Chris Larson, Dean Sisk, Mike Sisk, Ethan Insel, Kevin Hebert, Aaron Insel, Mark Giuliano (cover Art) and everyone that helped get this one done.


This album dates back to when I was 18-21 years old in terms of when I wrote this and the people I recorded it with.  I first started playing with some of these guys 20 years ago now.  We recorded this at Boo Studios in Wakefield RI sometime around 1997/1998.  I remember driving 2 hours each way for rehearsals, recording and gigs sometimes for 10 people.  A special shout out to Matt (Freako) Banks, Dean Sisk, Big Mike Sisk, Tony Carlo, Giles Holdridge, Rob Sundman and everyone I jammed with on these tunes (including while I was in Germany 1996-1997).

This album was primarily written in Germany during 1996-1997 while I was singing opera and studying in Mannheim Germany at conservatory.  I had no television or computer access for a year more or less.  I wrote a ton of music and started to find my voice.  This music is super rough in nature and 80's and 90's rock influenced.  The album's title is a made up word based on a poem written by Giles Holdridge.  The song's lyrics are based on that poem.